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Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

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Interpreting Soft Sediment Deformation and Mass Transport Deposits as Seismites in the Dead Sea Depocenter

By: Lu Y., Waldmann N., Ian Alsop G., Marco S.
Published in: Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2017 |  Link
Description: We have studied the history of earthquakes over the past 70 kyr by analyzing disturbed sedimentary layers around the mar (more…)

Assessing the costs for adaptation of marine constructions to sea-level rise

By: DiSegni D.M., Bitan M., Zviely D.
Published in: Journal of Environmental Planning and Management
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2017 |  Link
Description: Marine constructions are highly vulnerable to climate change and sea-level rise (SLR), leading to increased risk rates o (more…)

A Clustering Approach for the Detection of Acoustic/Seismic Signals of Unknown Structure

By: Diamant R., Kipnis D., Zorzi M.
Published in: IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: We focus on the detection of sporadic low-power acoustic/seismic signals of unknown structure and statistics, such as th (more…)

Amorphous calcium carbonate particles form coral skeletons

By: Mass T., Giuffre A.J., Sun C.-Y., Stifler C.A., Frazier M.J., Neder M., Tamura N., Stan C.V., Marcus M.A., Gilbert P.U.P.A.
Published in: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2017 |  Link
Description: Do corals form their skeletons by precipitation from solution or by attachment of amorphous precursor particles as obser (more…)

Mg isotope response to dolomitization in hinterland-attached carbonate platforms: Outlook of δ26Mg as a tracer of basin restriction and seawater Mg/Ca ratio

By: Bialik O.M., Wang X., Zhao S., Waldmann N.D., Frank R., Li W.
Published in: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: Magnesium isotopes in early diagenetic dolomite have been proposed as a potential tracer for seawater chemistry and glob (more…)

Ocean current connectivity propelling the secondary spread of a marine invasive comb jelly across western Eurasia

By: Jaspers C., Huwer B., Antajan E., Hosia A., Hinrichsen H.-H., Biastoch A., Angel D., Asmus R., Augustin C., Bagheri S., Beggs S.E., Balsby T.J.S., Boersma M., Bonnet D., Christensen J.T., Dänhardt A., Delpy F., Falkenhaug T., Finenko G., Fleming N.E.C., Fuentes V., Galil B., Gittenberger A., Griffin D.C., Haslob H., Javidpour J., Kamburska L., Kube S., Langenberg V.T., Lehtiniemi M., Lombard F., Malzahn A., Marambio M., Mihneva V., Møller L.F., Niermann U., Okyar M.I., Özdemir Z.B., Pitois S., Reusch T.B.H., Robbens J., Stefanova K., Thibault D., van der Veer H.W., Vansteenbrugge L., van Walraven L., Woźniczka A.
Published in: Global Ecology and Biogeography
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: Aim: Invasive species are of increasing global concern. Nevertheless, the mechanisms driving further distribution after (more…)

Message in a bottle – The story of floating plastic in the eastern Mediterranean sea

By: Pasternak G., Zviely D., Ariel A., Spanier E., Ribic C.A.
Published in: Waste Management
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: The Mediterranean Sea is a closed basin with limited water exchange through the Strait of Gibraltar, and sites along its (more…)

Detecting human-knapped flint with marine high-resolution reflection seismics: A preliminary study of new possibilities for subsea mapping of submerged stone age sites

By: Grøn O., Boldreel L.O., Hermand J.-P., Rasmussen H., Dell’anno A., Cvikel D., Galili E., Madsen B., Nørmark E.
Published in: Underwater Technology
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: Seismic high-resolution Chirp profiles from the well-documented submerged Stone Age settlement Atlit-Yam, located off Is (more…)

Marine recreational ecosystem service value estimation: A meta-analysis with cultural considerations

By: Hynes S., Ghermandi A., Norton D., Williams H.
Published in: Ecosystem Services
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units: Social Sciences  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: Marine and coastal ecosystems provide a wide variety of recreational opportunities that are highly valued by society. Fo (more…)

State of the art and challenges for offshore Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA)

By: Buck B.H., Troell M.F., Krause G., Angel D.L., Grote B., Chopin T.
Published in: Frontiers in Marine Science
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: By moving away from coastal waters and hence reducing pressure on nearshore ecosystems, offshore aquaculture can be seen (more…)

Coccolithovirus facilitation of carbon export in the North Atlantic

By: Laber C.P., Hunter J.E., Carvalho F., Collins J.R., Hunter E.J., Schieler B.M., Boss E., More K., Frada M., Thamatrakoln K., Brown C.M., Haramaty L., Ossolinski J., Fredricks H., Nissimov J.I., Vandzura R., Sheyn U., Lehahn Y., Chant R.J., Martins A.M., Coolen M.J.L., Vardi A., Ditullio G.R., Van Mooy B.A.S., Bidle K.D.
Published in: Nature Microbiology
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: Marine phytoplankton account for approximately half of global primary productivity 1 , making their fate an important dr (more…)

Corrigendum to “Carbonate delta drift: A new sediment drift type” [Mar. Geol. 401 (2018) 98–111] (Marine Geology (2018) 401 (98–111), (S0025322717302761) (10.1016/j.margeo.2018.04.011))

By: Lüdmann T., Betzler C., Eberli G.P., Reolid J., Reijmer J.J.G., Sloss C.R., Bialik O.M., Alvarez-Zarikian C.A., Alonso-García M., Blättler C.L., Guo J.A., Haffen S., Horozal S., Inoue M., Jovane L., Kroon D., Lanci L., Laya J.C., Mee A.L.H., Nakakuni M., Nath B.N., Niino K., Petruny L.M., Pratiwi S.D., Slagle A.L., Su X., Swart P.K., Wright J.D., Yao Z., Young J.R.
Published in: Marine Geology
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: The authors regret the mistake in the drawing of the delta drift architecture in figure 11. The authors would like to ap (more…)

Future scenarios of marine resources and ecosystem conditions in the Eastern Mediterranean under the impacts of fishing, alien species and sea warming

By: Corrales X., Coll M., Ofir E., Heymans J.J., Steenbeek J., Goren M., Edelist D., Gal G.
Published in: Scientific Reports
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: Using a temporal-dynamic calibrated Ecosim food web model, we assess the effects of future changes on marine resources a (more…)

Water saturated sand and a shallow bay: Combining coastal geophysics and underwater archaeology in the south bay of Tel Dor

By: Lazar M., Engoltz K., Basson U., Yasur-Landau A.
Published in: Quaternary International
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: The south bay of Tel Dor was examined during a detailed underwater archaeological expedition and through an onland, coas (more…)

Tooth oxygen isotopes reveal Late Bronze Age origin of Mediterranean fish aquaculture and trade

By: Guy S.-V., Thomas T., Irit Z., Andreas P., Dorit S., Omri L., Ayelet G., Guy B.-O.
Published in: Scientific Reports
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units: Humanities  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: Past fish provenance, exploitation and trade patterns were studied by analyzing phosphate oxygen isotope compositions (δ (more…)

Delineation of Subsea Freshwater Extension by Marine Geoelectromagnetic Soundings (SE Mediterranean Sea)

By: Levi E., Goldman M., Tibor G., Herut B.
Published in: Water Resources Management
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: This study presents a novel application of marine geoelectromagnetic technique, in an attempt to delineate freshwater ex (more…)

Storm induced estuarine turbidity maxima and controls on nutrient fluxes across river-estuary-coast continuum

By: Chen N., Krom M.D., Wu Y., Yu D., Hong H.
Published in: Science of the Total Environment
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: Climate change is likely to increase the frequency and intensity of tropical storms. However, the impacts of major storm (more…)

Assessing cetacean surveys throughout the Mediterranean Sea: A gap analysis in environmental space

By: Mannocci L., Roberts J.J., Halpin P.N., Authier M., Boisseau O., Bradai M.N., Canãdas A., Chicote C., David L., Di-Méglio N., Fortuna C.M., Frantzis A., Gazo M., Genov T., Hammond P.S., Holcer D., Kaschner K., Kerem D., Lauriano G., Lewis T., Notarbartolo Di Sciara G., Panigada S., Raga J.A., Scheinin A., Ridoux V., Vella A., Vella J.
Published in: Scientific Reports
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: Heterogeneous data collection in the marine environment has led to large gaps in our knowledge of marine species distrib (more…)

Under-ranked localization of acoustically tagged mobile marine animals

By: Alexandri T., Diamant R.
Published in: 2018 15th Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communications, WPNC 2018
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: We consider the challenge of localizing and tracking of underwater acoustically tagged mobile marine fauna by a sparse s (more…)

The dire implications of releasing marine ornamental fishes into the wild: first reported case from the Red Sea

By: Stern N., Rachmilovitz E.N., Sharon G., Diamant A.
Published in: Marine Biodiversity
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: This study provides the first documented incidence of aquarium-based introduction of exotic fishes into the Red Sea, in (more…)