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Climate variability in early expansions of Homo sapiens in light of the new record of micromammals in Misliya Cave, Israel

By: Weissbrod L., Weinstein-Evron M.
Published in: Journal of Human Evolution
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units:   | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: In this study, we provide the first taphonomic and taxonomic descriptions of the micromammals from Misliya Cave, where r (more…)

Conceptualizing Age-Friendliness in Workplaces: Proposing a New Multidimensional Model

By: Eppler-Hattab R., Meshoulam I., Doron I.
Published in: Gerontologist
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units: Social Welfare & Health Sciences  | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: Creating age-friendly workplace environments is considered a central organizational approach for addressing the challeng (more…)

Heat Adaptation of the House Fly (Diptera: Muscidae) and Its Associated Parasitoids in Israel

By: Biale H., Geden C.J., Chiel E., Fryxell R.T.
Published in: Journal of Medical Entomology
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units:   | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: Insects are ectothermic organisms; hence, all aspects of their biology are strongly influenced by ambient temperatures. (more…)

Adaptive signals of flowering time pathways in wild barley from Israel over 28 generations

By: Qian C., Yan X., Shi Y., Yin H., Chang Y., Chen J., Ingvarsson P.K., Nevo E., Ma X.-F.
Published in: Heredity
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units:   | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: Flowering time is one of the most critical traits for plants’ life cycles, which is influenced by various environment ch (more…)

Evidence for recent thermohaline variability and processes in the deep water of the Southeastern Levantine Basin, Mediterranean Sea

By: Ozer T., Gertman I., Gildor H., Goldman R., Herut B.
Published in: Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: Understanding the spreading pathways and variability of the intermediate and deep water of the eastern Mediterranean Sea (more…)

Feather moult and bird appearance are correlated with global warming over the last 200 years

By: Kiat Y., Vortman Y., Sapir N.
Published in: Nature Communications
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units: Natural Sciences  | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Global warming alters various avian phenological processes, including advanced reproduction and migration schedules. In (more…)

Zooarchaeology of the social and economic upheavals in the Late Antique-Early Islamic sequence of the Negev Desert

By: Marom N., Meiri M., Tepper Y., Erickson-Gini T., Reshef H., Weissbrod L., Bar-Oz G.
Published in: Scientific Reports
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: The Byzantine – Islamic transition (7 th –8 th centuries CE) in the desert-edge Palaestina Tertia is examined using faun (more…)

300-year drought frames Late Bronze Age to Early Iron Age transition in the Near East: new palaeoecological data from Cyprus and Syria

By: Kaniewski D., Marriner N., Bretschneider J., Jans G., Morhange C., Cheddadi R., Otto T., Luce F., Van Campo E.
Published in: Regional Environmental Change
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units:   | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: In Eastern Mediterranean history, 1200 BCE is a symbolic date. Its significance is tied to the important upheavals that (more…)

Effect of Fluctuating High Temperatures on House Flies (Diptera: Muscidae) and Their Principal Parasitoids (Muscidifurax spp. and Spalangia spp. [Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae]) from the United States

By: Geden C.J., Biale H., Chiel E., Johnson D.M.
Published in: Journal of Medical Entomology
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units:   | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Colonies of house flies (Musca domestica L. [Diptera: Muscidae]) and four species of parasitoids (Muscidifurax raptor Gi (more…)

Magnetostratigraphy and Paleoenvironments of the Kuntila Lake Sediments, Southern Israel: Implications for Late Cenozoic Climate Variability at the Northern Fringe of the Saharo-Arabian Desert Belt

By: Larrasoaña J.C., Waldmann N., Mischke S., Avni Y., Ginat H.
Published in: Frontiers in Earth Science
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: The Negev Desert in southern Israel hosts a number of late Cenozoic lacustrine and palustrine sedimentary sequences that (more…)

Interaction of climate change with effects of conspecific and heterospecific density on reproduction

By: Møller A.P., Balbontín J., Dhondt A.A., Adriaensen F., Artemyev A., Bańbura J., Barba E., Biard C., Blondel J., Bouvier J.-C., Camprodon J., Cecere F., Charter M., Cichoń M., Cusimano C., Dubiec A., Doligez B., Eens M., Eeva T., Ferns P.N., Forsman J.T., Goldshtein A., Goodenough A.E., Gosler A.G., Gustafsson L., Harnist I., Hartley I.R., Heeb P., Hinsley S.A., Jacob S., Järvinen A., Juškaitis R., Korpimäki E., Krams I., Laaksonen T., Leclercq B., Lehikoinen E., Loukola O., Mainwaring M.C., Mänd R., Massa B., Matthysen E., Mazgajski T.D., Merino S., Mitrus C., Mönkkönen M., Nager R.G., Nilsson J.-Å., Nilsson S.G., Norte A.C., von Numers M., Orell M., Pimentel C.S., Pinxten R., Priedniece I., Remeš V., Richner H., Robles H., Rytkönen S., Senar J.C., Seppänen J.T., da Silva L.P., Slagsvold T., Solonen T., Sorace A., Stenning M.J., Török J., Tryjanowski P., van Noordwijk A.J., Walankiewicz W., Lambrechts M.M.
Published in: Oikos
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units:   | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: We studied the relationship between temperature and the coexistence of great tit Parus major and blue tit Cyanistes caer (more…)

Hydrology and water management in Israel and the southern Levant [Hydrologie und Wasserwirtschaft in Israel und der südlichen Levante]

By: Greenbaum N.
Published in: Geographische Rundschau
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units:   | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: Israel, located in a semi-arid Mediterranean to arid climate region, similar to other countries in the southern Levant, (more…)

Source shifts to periplatform deposits during the early to middle Miocene in response to climatic and oceanographic forcing, Maldives, western Indian Ocean

By: Bialik O.M., Reolid J., Betzler C., Eberli G.P., Waldmann N.D.
Published in: Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: Periplatform carbonate ooze records a composite signal reflecting both the regional oceanographic state and the developm (more…)

Survival in the field of Pseudoperonospora cubensis and Plasmopara viticola after extreme hot and dry weather conditions in Israel

By: Cohen Y., Reuveni M., Gur L., Ovadia S.
Published in: Phytoparasitica
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units:   | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: Unprecedented hot and dry spells occurred all over Israel for six days, from May 16 to May 21, 2020. Maximal air tempera (more…)

Seasonal niche tracking of climate emerges at the population level in a migratory bird: Multiscale seasonal niche tracking

By: Fandos G., Rotics S., Sapir N., Fiedler W., Kaatz M., Wikelski M., Nathan R., Zurell D.
Published in: Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units: Natural Sciences  | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: Seasonal animal migration is a widespread phenomenon. At the species level, it has been shown that many migratory animal (more…)

Genomic analysis of european drosophila melanogaster populations reveals longitudinal structure, continent-wide selection, and previously unknown DNA viruses

By: Kapun M., Barron M.G., Staubach F., Obbard D.J., Axel W. Wiberg R., Vieira J., Goubert C., Rota-Stabelli O., Kankare M., Bogaerts-Marquez M., Haudry A., Waidele L., Kozeretska I., Pasyukova E.G., Loeschcke V., Pascual M., Vieira C.P., Serga S., Montchamp-Moreau C., Abbott J., Gibert P., Porcelli D., Posnien N., Sanchez-Gracia A., Grath S., Sucena E., Bergland A.O., Guerreiro M.P.G., Onder B.S., Argyridou E., Guio L., Schou M.F., Deplancke B., Vieira C., Ritchie M.G., Zwaan B.J., Tauber E., Orengo D.J., Puerma E., Aguade M., Schmidt P., Parsch J., Betancourt A.J., Flatt T., Gonzalez J.
Published in: Molecular Biology and Evolution
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units: Natural Sciences  | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: Genetic variation is the fuel of evolution, with standing genetic variation especially important for short-term evolutio (more…)

The rise and fall of viticulture in the Late Antique Negev Highlands reconstructed from archaeobotanical and ceramic data

By: Fuks D., Bar-Oz G., Tepper Y., Erickson-Gini T., Langgut D., Weissbrod L., Weiss E.
Published in: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units: Humanities  | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: The international scope of the Mediterranean wine trade in Late Antiquity raises important questions concerning sustaina (more…)

Long-term heightened larval production in nursery-bred coral transplants

By: Horoszowski-Fridman Y.B., Izhaki I., Rinkevich B.
Published in: Basic and Applied Ecology
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units: Natural Sciences  | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: The ‘gardening coral reefs’ method is part of the approaches proposed for counteracting the substantial impacts of globa (more…)

The Importance of Security is in the Eye of the Beholder: Cultural, Organizational, and Personal Factors Affecting the Implementation of Security by Design

By: Arizon-Peretz R., Hadar I., Luria G.
Published in: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units: Social Welfare & Health Sciences  | Time: 2021 |  Link
Description: AbstractSecurity by design is a recommended approach, addressing end-to-end security and privacy in the design of softwa (more…)

Mismatches of scale in the application of paleoclimatic research to Chinese archaeology

By: Jaffe Y.Y., Castellano L., Shelach-Lavi G., Campbell R.B.
Published in: Quaternary Research (United States)
SDGs : SDG 13  |  Units: Humanities  | Time: 2021 |  Link
Description: Issues surrounding the difficult task of correlating archaeological and climatic trajectories are directly impacting the (more…)