Encouraging Creative Experimentation through Transformational Leadership Model

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In their research focused on leadership styles and their effects on employees creativity,  Prof. Dana Vashdi, Head of the School of Political Science, Prof. Ela Miron Spector and Hadas Gofer found that to ensure that creative ideas continue to flourish long-term, managers must help employees understand that creativity is a skill to acquire and enable workers to learn through creative experimentationSpecifically, two leadership models are discussed : transformational vs. transactional leadership. Transactional leadership is primarily based on processes and control, and requires a strict management structure. Transformational leadership, on the other hand, focuses on inspiring others to follow, and it requires a high degree of coordination, communication, and cooperation. The difference can be summed up as follows: transactional leadership looks at how to get things done, and transformation leadership looks at how to motivate people to do things.

In her research paper Motivated or Demotivated to Be Creative: The Role of Self-Regulatory Focus in Transformational and Transactional Leadership ProcessesProf. Dana Vashdi shows how different leadership styles may motivate or demotivate employees.


Team members

  • Prof. Dana Vashdi, Head of the School of Political Science, University of Haifa