SDG 15:

Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

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Applying Geographic Information Systems to ecosystem services valuation and mapping in Trinidad and Tobago

By: Ghermandi A., Agard J., Nunes P.A.L.D.
Published in: Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Social Sciences  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: Consideration of the spatial dimension in the provision of ecosystem services is fundamental for the calculation of the (more…)

Ancient herders enriched and restructured African grasslands

By: Marshall F., Reid R.E.B., Goldstein S., Storozum M., Wreschnig A., Hu L., Kiura P., Shahack-Gross R., Ambrose S.H.
Published in: Nature
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: Grasslands are one of the world’s most extensive terrestrial biomes and are central to the survival of herders, their li (more…)

The relations between walkable neighbourhoods and active participation in daily activities of people with disabilities

By: Schreuer N., Plaut P., Golan L., Sachs D.
Published in: Journal of Transport and Health
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Social Welfare & Health Sciences  | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Introduction: Most research on the built environment and active travel focused on the general population or segments inc (more…)

Effect of rapid urbanization on Mediterranean karstic mountainous drainage basins

By: Anker Y., Mirlas V., Gimburg A., Zilberbrand M., Nakonechny F., Meir I., Inbar M.
Published in: Sustainable Cities and Society
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Natural Sciences  | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Transformation of permeable natural areas into impervious surfaces (e.g. roads, parking lots, and buildings) is altering (more…)

Repeated evolution of terrestrial lineages in a continental lizard radiation

By: Lajmi A., Verma A., Karanth K.P.
Published in: Journal of Evolutionary Biology
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units:   | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: The “early-burst” model of adaptive radiation predicts an early increase in phenotypic disparity concurrent with lineage (more…)

The Role of Land Use Types and Water Chemical Properties in Structuring the Microbiomes of a Connected Lake System

By: Marmen S., Blank L., Al-Ashhab A., Malik A., Ganzert L., Lalzar M., Grossart H.-P., Sher D.
Published in: Frontiers in Microbiology
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: Lakes and other freshwater bodies are intimately connected to the surrounding land, yet to what extent land-use affects (more…)

The seaweed resources of Israel in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea

By: Israel A., Golberg A., Neori A.
Published in: Botanica Marina
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units:   | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: In spite of the natural harsh marine environments and continuous global change stressors affecting the Levant basin, the (more…)

Social media-based analysis of cultural ecosystem services and heritage tourism in a coastal region of Mexico

By: Ghermandi A., Camacho-Valdez V., Trejo-Espinosa H.
Published in: Tourism Management
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Social Sciences  | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: Understanding spatial patterns of visitation and benefits accrued to different types of natural and cultural heritage to (more…)

The Dead Sea and Its Deviation from Natural Conditions

By: Bookman R.
Published in: Springer Water
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: The Dead Sea is a hypersaline terminal lake located in a tectonic depression along the Dead Sea Transform. The regional (more…)

Israeli-Developed Models of Marine Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA)

By: Neori A., Guttman L., Israel A., Shpigel M.
Published in: Journal of Coastal Research
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units:   | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Modern Israeli integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) has emerged from the Israeli freshwater polyculture, with car (more…)

What feeds shelf-edge clinoforms over margins deprived of adjacent land sources? An example from southeastern Brazil

By: Schattner U., José Lobo F., López-Quirós A., dos Passos Nascimento J.L., de Mahiques M.M.
Published in: Basin Research
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2020 |  Link
Description: In southeastern Brazil, the Serra do Mar coastal mountain range blocks the sediment influx from arriving at a ca. 1,500  (more…)

Particle-Associated Microbial Community in a Subtropical Lake During Thermal Mixing and Phytoplankton Succession

By: Schweitzer-Natan O., Ofek-Lalzar M., Sher D., Sukenik A.
Published in: Frontiers in Microbiology
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Ecosystem dynamics in monomictic lakes are characterized by seasonal thermal mixing and stratification. These physical p (more…)

Using the ecosystem services framework for defining diverse human-nature relationships in a multi-ethnic biosphere reserve

By: Negev M., Sagie H., Orenstein D.E., Zemah Shamir S., Hassan Y., Amasha H., Raviv O., Fares N., Lotan A., Peled Y., Wittenberg L., Izhaki I.
Published in: Ecosystem Services
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Social Welfare & Health Sciences  | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Biosphere reserves are promoted as models for sustainable development, but face challenges in meeting their objectives, (more…)

Past aquatic environments in the Levant inferred from stable isotope compositions of carbonate and phosphate in fish teeth

By: Sisma-Ventura G., Tütken T., Peters S.T.M., Bialik O.M., Zohar I., Pack A.
Published in: PLoS ONE
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units:   | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Here we explore the carbon and oxygen isotope compositions of the co-existing carbonate and phosphate fractions of fish (more…)

The agricultural landscape matters: spider diversity and abundance in pomegranate orchards as a case study

By: Salman I.N.A., Gavish-Regev E., Saltz D., Lubin Y.
Published in: BioControl
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units:   | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Spiders are effective biological control agents in some agroecosystems. Their ability to control pest insects depends on (more…)

The unprecedented coupled ocean-atmosphere summer heatwave in the New Zealand region 2017/18: Drivers, mechanisms and impacts

By: Salinger M.J., Renwick J., Behrens E., Mullan A.B., Diamond H.J., Sirguey P., Smith R.O., Trought M.C.T., Alexander L., Cullen N.J., Fitzharris B.B., Hepburn C.D., Parker A.K., Sutton P.J.
Published in: Environmental Research Letters
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units:   | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: During austral summer (DJF) 2017/18, the New Zealand region experienced an unprecedented coupled ocean-atmosphere heatwa (more…)

Soil Type Impacts Macrohabitat Selection and Spatiotemporal Activity Patterns of Testudo graeca in an Eastern Mediterranean Ecosystem

By: Bernheim M., Shanas U., Bar-Massada A.
Published in: Copeia
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units:   | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Habitat preference is determined by complex interactions between biotic and abiotic habitat features and species-specifi (more…)

Large birds travel farther in homogeneous environments

By: Tucker M.A., Alexandrou O., Bierregaard R.O., Jr., Bildstein K.L., Böhning-Gaese K., Bracis C., Brzorad J.N., Buechley E.R., Cabot D., Calabrese J.M., Carrapato C., Chiaradia A., Davenport L.C., Davidson S.C., Desholm M., DeSorbo C.R., Domenech R., Enggist P., Fagan W.F., Farwig N., Fiedler W., Fleming C.H., Franke A., Fryxell J.M., García-Ripollés C., Grémillet D., Griffin L.R., Harel R., Kane A., Kays R., Kleyheeg E., Lacy A.E., LaPoint S., Limiñana R., López-López P., Maccarone A.D., Mellone U., Mojica E.K., Nathan R., Newman S.H., Noonan M.J., Oppel S., Prostor M., Rees E.C., Ropert-Coudert Y., Rösner S., Sapir N., Schabo D., Schmidt M., Schulz H., Shariati M., Shreading A., Paulo Silva J., Skov H., Spiegel O., Takekawa J.Y., Teitelbaum C.S., van Toor M.L., Urios V., Vidal-Mateo J., Wang Q., Watts B.D., Wikelski M., Wolter K., Žydelis R., Mueller T.
Published in: Global Ecology and Biogeography
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Natural Sciences  | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Aim: Animal movement is an important determinant of individual survival, population dynamics and ecosystem structure and (more…)

A global synthesis reveals biodiversity-mediated benefits for crop production

By: Dainese M., Martin E.A., Aizen M.A., Albrecht M., Bartomeus I., Bommarco R., Carvalheiro L.G., Chaplin-Kramer R., Gagic V., Garibaldi L.A., Ghazoul J., Grab H., Jonsson M., Karp D.S., Kennedy C.M., Kleijn D., Kremen C., Landis D.A., Letourneau D.K., Marini L., Poveda K., Rader R., Smith H.G., Tscharntke T., Andersson G.K.S., Badenhausser I., Baensch S., Bezerra A.D.M., Bianchi F.J.J.A., Boreux V., Bretagnolle V., Caballero-Lopez B., Cavigliasso P., Ćetković A., Chacoff N.P., Classen A., Cusser S., Da Silva E Silva F.D., Arjen De Groot G., Dudenhöffer J.H., Ekroos J., Fijen T., Franck P., Freitas B.M., Garratt M.P.D., Gratton C., Hipólito J., Holzschuh A., Hunt L., Iverson A.L., Jha S., Keasar T., Kim T.N., Kishinevsky M., Klatt B.K., Klein A.-M., Krewenka K.M., Krishnan S., Larsen A.E., Lavigne C., Liere H., Maas B., Mallinger R.E., Pachon E.M., Martínez-Salinas A., Meehan T.D., Mitchell M.G.E., Molina G.A.R., Nesper M., Nilsson L., O’Rourke M.E., Peters M.K., Plećaš M., Potts S.G., Ramos D.D.L., Rosenheim J.A., Rundlöf M., Rusch A., Sáez A., Scheper J., Schleuning M., Schmack J.M., Sciligo A.R., Seymour C., Stanley D.A., Stewart R., Stout J.C., Sutter L., Takada M.B., Taki H., Tamburini G., Tschumi M., Viana B.F., Westphal C., Willcox B.K., Wratten S.D., Yoshioka A., Zaragoza-Trello C., Zhang W., Zou Y., Steffan-Dewenter I.
Published in: Science Advances
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units:   | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Human land use threatens global biodiversity and compromises multiple ecosystem functions critical to food production. W (more…)

Environmental effects on flying migrants revealed by radar

By: Becciu P., Menz M.H.M., Aurbach A., Cabrera-Cruz S.A., Wainwright C.E., Scacco M., Ciach M., Pettersson L.B., Maggini I., Arroyo G.M., Buler J.J., Reynolds D.R., Sapir N.
Published in: Ecography
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Natural Sciences  | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Migratory animals are affected by various factors during their journeys, and the study of animal movement by radars has (more…)