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Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

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Genome-wide identification, classification, evolutionary analysis and gene expression patterns of the protein kinase gene family in wheat and Aegilops tauschii

By: Yan J., Su P., Wei Z., Nevo E., Kong L.
Published in: Plant Molecular Biology
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units:   | Time: 2017 |  Link
Description: Key message: In this study we systematically identified and classified PKs in Triticum aestivum, Triticum urartu and Aeg (more…)

Inland notches: lithological characteristics and climatic implications of subaerial cavernous landforms in Israel

By: Shtober-Zisu N., Amasha H., Frumkin A.
Published in: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Humanities  | Time: 2017 |  Link
Description: Inland notches, are elongated concave-shape indentations that develop on the carbonate rocky cliffs of mountainous zones (more…)

Spectral data source effect on crop state estimation by vegetation indices

By: Polinova M., Jarmer T., Brook A.
Published in: Environmental Earth Sciences
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Social Sciences  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: Spectral vegetation indices (VIs) are a well-known and widely used method for crop state estimation. The ability to moni (more…)

Biodiversity recovery of Neotropical secondary forests

By: Rozendaal D.M.A., Bongers F., Aide T.M., Alvarez-Dávila E., Ascarrunz N., Balvanera P., Becknell J.M., Bentos T.V., Brancalion P.H.S., Cabral G.A.L., Calvo-Rodriguez S., Chave J., César R.G., Chazdon R.L., Condit R., Dallinga J.S., De Almeida-Cortez J.S., De Jong B., De Oliveira A., Denslow J.S., Dent D.H., DeWalt S.J., Dupuy J.M., Durán S.M., Dutrieux L.P., Espírito-Santo M.M., Fandino M.C., Fernandes G.W., Finegan B., García H., Gonzalez N., Moser V.G., Hall J.S., Hernández-Stefanoni J.L., Hubbell S., Jakovac C.C., Hernández A.J., Junqueira A.B., Kennard D., Larpin D., Letcher S.G., Licona J.-C., Lebrija-Trejos E., Marín-Spiotta E., Martínez-Ramos M., Massoca P.E.S., Meave J.A., Mesquita R.C.G., Mora F., Müller S.C., Muñoz R., De Oliveira Neto S.N., Norden N., Nunes Y.R.F., Ochoa-Gaona S., Ortiz-Malavassi E., Ostertag R., Peña-Claros M., Pérez-García E.A., Piotto D., Powers J.S., Aguilar-Cano J., Rodriguez-Buritica S., Rodríguez-Velázquez J., Romero-Romero M.A., Ruíz J., Sanchez-Azofeifa A., De Almeida A.S., Silver W.L., Schwartz N.B., Thomas W.W., Toledo M., Uriarte M., De Sá Sampaio E.V., Van Breugel M., Van Der Wal H., Martins S.V., Veloso M.D.M., Vester H.F.M., Vicentini A., Vieira I.C.G., Villa P., Williamson G.B., Zanini K.J., Zimmerman J., Poorter L.
Published in: Science Advances
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units:   | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Old-growth tropical forests harbor an immense diversity of tree species but are rapidly being cleared, while secondary f (more…)

Marine ecosystem services in the Northern Mozambique Channel: A geospatial and socio-economic analysis for policy support

By: Ghermandi A., Obura D., Knudsen C., Nunes P.A.L.D.
Published in: Ecosystem Services
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Social Sciences  | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: The Northern Mozambique Channel hosts one of the world’s most outstanding terrestrial and marine biodiversity-rich areas (more…)

Cattle foraging in Mediterranean oak woodlands – Effects of management practices on the woody vegetation

By: Schoenbaum I., Henkin Z., Yehuda Y., Voet H., Kigel J.
Published in: Forest Ecology and Management
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units:   | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: Vegetation structure and composition of woodlands in the Mediterranean Basin have experienced extensive land-use change (more…)

A mathematical partitioning of the effects of habitat loss and habitat degradation on species abundance

By: Bar-Massada A., Ives A.R., Butsic V.
Published in: Landscape Ecology
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units:   | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Context: Worldwide, anthropogenic habitat loss and degradation have led to substantial biodiversity declines. Preserving (more…)

Home range size and resource use of breeding and non-breeding white storks along a land use gradient

By: Zurell D., von Wehrden H., Rotics S., Kaatz M., Groß H., Schlag L., Schäfer M., Sapir N., Turjeman S., Wikelski M., Nathan R., Jeltsch F.
Published in: Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Natural Sciences  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: Biotelemetry is increasingly used to study animal movement at high spatial and temporal resolution and guide conservatio (more…)

Algae diversity and ecology during a summer assessment of water quality in the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park, USA

By: Barinova S., Smith T.
Published in: Diversity
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units:   | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: There were 88 species of algae and cyanobacteria observed from seven sites in the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Hi (more…)

Bioindication of the influence of oil production on Sphagnum Bogs in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra, Russia

By: Skorobogatova O., Yumagulova E., Storchak T., Barinova S.
Published in: Diversity
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units:   | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Algal diversity in the bogs of the Ershov oil field of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra (KMAO-Yugra) with the (more…)

Climate change and interconnected risks to sustainable development in the Mediterranean

By: Cramer W., Guiot J., Fader M., Garrabou J., Gattuso J.-P., Iglesias A., Lange M.A., Lionello P., Llasat M.C., Paz S., Peñuelas J., Snoussi M., Toreti A., Tsimplis M.N., Xoplaki E.
Published in: Nature Climate Change
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Social Sciences  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: Recent accelerated climate change has exacerbated existing environmental problems in the Mediterranean Basin that are ca (more…)

Haifa fire restoration project-urban forest management: A case study

By: Tessler N., Borger H., Rave E., Argaman E., Kopel D., Brook A., Elkabets E., Wittenberg L.
Published in: International Journal of Wildland Fire
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Social Sciences  | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: On 24 November 2016, extreme hot and dry weather led to more than 1000 fires in Israel. One of the largest fires (120 ha (more…)

The Lake CHAd Deep DRILLing project (CHADRILL) – targeting ~ 10 million years of environmental and climate change in Africa

By: Sylvestre F., Schuster M., Vogel H., Abdheramane M., Ariztegui D., Salzmann U., Schwalb A., Waldmann N., Adeaga O., Ahounta D., Izuchukwu M.A., Andossa L., Armitage S., Augustin L., Barboni D., Bard E., Berke M., Bouchez C., Bourlès D., Bristow C., Brown E., Campisano C., Chalié F., Clarke L., Contoux C., Couapel M., Delanghe D., Deschamps P., Doumnang J.-C., Flecker R., Harms U., Holmes J., Phillips R.I., Isseini M., Jouve G., Larrasoana J., Lebatard A.-E., Leroy S., Mahamoud Y., Moussa A., Nielson D., Nguetsop F., Njokuocha R.C., Noren A., Porat N., Chloé P., Schüler-Goldbach L., Tachikawa K., Thouveny N., Tutolo B., Verschuren D., Vidal L., Viehberg F.
Published in: Scientific Drilling
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: At present, Lake Chad ( ~13°0 N, ~14° E) is a shallow freshwater lake located in the Sahel/Sahara region of central nort (more…)

Environmental mapping in assessing the impact of environmental factors on the aquatic ecosystem of the Arys River basin, South Kazakhstan

By: Krupa E.G., Barinova S.S., Romanova S.M.
Published in: Diversity
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units:   | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Assessment of the water quality of the Arys River basin based on the spatial distribution of richness of phytoperiphyton (more…)

The effects of post-fire forest management on soil erosion rates 3 and 4 years after a wildfire, demonstrated on the 2010 Mount Carmel fire

By: Zituni R., Wittenberg L., Malkinson D.
Published in: International Journal of Wildland Fire
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Social Sciences  | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: During 2-5 December 2010, an area of 2500 ha in the Carmel forests was consumed by a severe wildfire, causing soil erosi (more…)

A crowdsourced valuation of recreational ecosystem services using social media data: An application to a tropical wetland in India

By: Sinclair M., Ghermandi A., Sheela A.M.
Published in: Science of the Total Environment
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Social Sciences  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: Online social media represent an extensive, opportunistic source of behavioral data and revealed preferences for ecosyst (more…)

Evolution of chloroplast retrograde signaling facilitates green plant adaptation to land

By: Zhao C., Wang Y., Chan K.X., Marchant D.B., Franks P.J., Randall D., Tee E.E., Chen G., Ramesh S., Phua S.Y., Zhang B., Hills A., Dai F., Xue D., Gilliham M., Tyerman S., Nevo E., Wu F., Zhang G., Wong G.K.-S., Leebens-Mack J.H., Melkonian M., Blatt M.R., Soltis P.S., Soltis D.E., Pogson B.J., Chen Z.-H.
Published in: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units:   | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Chloroplast retrograde signaling networks are vital for chloroplast biogenesis, operation, and signaling, including exce (more…)

Comparing grey water versus tap water and coal ash versus perlite on growth of two plant species on green roofs

By: Agra H., Solodar A., Bawab O., Levy S., Kadas G.J., Blaustein L., Greenbaum N.
Published in: Science of the Total Environment
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Social Sciences  | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: Green roofs provide important ecosystem services in urban areas. In Mediterranean and other semi-arid climate regions, m (more…)

A checklist of Israeli land vertebrates

By: Meiri S., Belmaker A., Berkowic D., Kazes K., Maza E., Bar-Oz G., Dor R.
Published in: Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units: Humanities  | Time: 2019 |  Link
Description: Faunal lists are important tools in ecology, biogeography, and conservation planning. Such lists can identify gaps in ou (more…)

Detection of sand encroachment patterns in desert oases. The case of Erg Chebbi (Morocco)

By: Puy A., Herzog M., Escriche P., Marouche A., Oubana Y., Bubenzer O.
Published in: Science of the Total Environment
SDGs : SDG 15  |  Units:   | Time: 2018 |  Link
Description: Desert oases are fragile agrarian areas, very vulnerable to sand encroachment by wind. Ensuring their conservation highl (more…)