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Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

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Fishmeal replacement by periphyton reduces the fish in fish out ratio and alimentation cost in gilthead sea bream Sparus aurata

By: Savonitto G., Barkan R., Harpaz S., Neori A., Chernova H., Terlizzi A., Guttman L.
Published in: Scientific Reports
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2021 |  Link
Description: Aquaculture threatens natural resources by fishing down the sea to supply fishmeal. Alternative protein sources in aquaf (more…)

Uranium-thorium isotope systematics of cold-seep carbonate and their constraints on geological methane leakage activities

By: Wang M., Chen T., Feng D., Zhang X., Li T., Robinson L.F., Liang Q., Bialik O.M., Liu Y., Makovsky Y.
Published in: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2022 |  Link
Description: Marine methane hydrates are a huge and dynamic carbon reservoir found mainly at the continental margins, and their stabi (more…)

Changing environments and human interaction during the Pleistocene–Early Holocene from the shallow coastal area of Dor, Israel

By: Shtienberg G., Gadol O., Levy T.E., Norris R.D., Rittenour T.M., Yasur-Landau A., Tamberino A., Lazar M.
Published in: Quaternary Research (United States)
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2022 |  Link
Description: The protected Tel-Dor coastal embayment in the eastern Mediterranean preserves an unusually complete stratigraphic recor (more…)

Thermohaline Temporal Variability of the SE Mediterranean Coastal Waters (Israel) – Long-Term Trends, Seasonality, and Connectivity

By: Ozer T., Gertman I., Gildor H., Herut B.
Published in: Frontiers in Marine Science
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2022 |  Link
Description: The high variability of coastal waters together with the growing need for assessing the state of the marine coastal ecos (more…)

New Insights on the Diurnal Mechanism of Calcification in the Stony Coral, Stylophora pistillata

By: Neder M., Saar R., Malik A., Antler G., Mass T.
Published in: Frontiers in Marine Science
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2022 |  Link
Description: Scleractinian corals are evolutionary-successful calcifying marine organisms, which utilize an endo-symbiotic relationsh (more…)

Environmental influences on human innovation and behavioural diversity in southern Africa 92–80 thousand years ago

By: Mackay A., Armitage S.J., Niespolo E.M., Sharp W.D., Stahlschmidt M.C., Blackwood A.F., Boyd K.C., Chase B.M., Lagle S.E., Kaplan C.F., Low M.A., Martisius N.L., McNeill P.J., Moffat I., O’Driscoll C.A., Rudd R., Orton J., Steele T.E.
Published in: Nature Ecology and Evolution
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2022 |  Link
Description: Africa’s Middle Stone Age preserves sporadic evidence for novel behaviours among early modern humans, prompting a range (more…)

Reconstructing lake bottom water temperatures and their seasonal variability in the Dead Sea Basin during MIS5e

By: Brall N.S., Gardien V., Ariztegui D., Sorrel P., Guillerm E., Caupin F.
Published in: Depositional Record
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2022 |  Link
Description: Interglacial periods are characterised by thick accumulations of halite units in the Dead Sea Basin. During these interv (more…)

Network analysis of sea turtle movements and connectivity: A tool for conservation prioritization

By: Kot C.Y., Åkesson S., Alfaro-Shigueto J., Amorocho Llanos D.F., Antonopoulou M., Balazs G.H., Baverstock W.R., Blumenthal J.M., Broderick A.C., Bruno I., Canbolat A.F., Casale P., Cejudo D., Coyne M.S., Curtice C., DeLand S., DiMatteo A., Dodge K., Dunn D.C., Esteban N., Formia A., Fuentes M.M.P.B., Fujioka E., Garnier J., Godfrey M.H., Godley B.J., González Carman V., Harrison A.-L., Hart C.E., Hawkes L.A., Hays G.C., Hill N., Hochscheid S., Kaska Y., Levy Y., Ley-Quiñónez C.P., Lockhart G.G., López-Mendilaharsu M., Luschi P., Mangel J.C., Margaritoulis D., Maxwell S.M., McClellan C.M., Metcalfe K., Mingozzi A., Moncada F.G., Nichols W.J., Parker D.M., Patel S.H., Pilcher N.J., Poulin S., Read A.J., Rees A.F., Robinson D.P., Robinson N.J., Sandoval-Lugo A.G., Schofield G., Seminoff J.A., Seney E.E., Snape R.T.E., Sözbilen D., Tomás J., Varo-Cruz N., Wallace B.P., Wildermann N.E., Witt M.J., Zavala-Norzagaray A.A., Halpin P.N.
Published in: Diversity and Distributions
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2022 |  Link
Description: Aim: Understanding the spatial ecology of animal movements is a critical element in conserving long-lived, highly mobile (more…)

Global assessment of shark strandings

By: Wosnick N., Leite R.D., Giareta E.P., Morick D., Musyl M.
Published in: Fish and Fisheries
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2022 |  Link
Description: Marine wildlife stranding is a global phenomenon, and for some taxonomic groups, these events are well monitored and doc (more…)

“Shared visions for marine spatial: Insights from Israel, South Africa, and the United Kingdom”

By: Rivers N., Truter H.J., Strand M., Jay S., Portman M., Lombard A.T., Amir D., Boyd A., Brown R.L., Cawthra H.C., Faure Beaulieu N., Findlay K., Gal G., Grossmark Y., Perschke M.J., Pillay T., Pyrgies O., Ramakulukusha M., Smit K.P., Stockdale V., Stockill J., Schwartz I., Treibitz T., Vargas-Fonseca O.A., Vermeulen (Miltz) E.A.
Published in: Ocean and Coastal Management
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2022 |  Link
Description: The online symposium Shared Visions for Marine Spatial Planning: Insights from Israel, South Africa and the United Kingd (more…)

Phytoplankton exudates provide full nutrition to a subset of accompanying heterotrophic bacteria via carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus allocation

By: Eigemann F., Rahav E., Grossart H.-P., Aharonovich D., Sher D., Vogts A., Voss M.
Published in: Environmental Microbiology
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2022 |  Link
Description: Marine bacteria rely on phytoplankton exudates as carbon sources (DOCp). Yet, it is unclear to what extent phytoplankton (more…)

A year in the life of the Eastern Mediterranean: Monthly dynamics of phytoplankton and bacterioplankton in an ultra-oligotrophic sea

By: Reich T., Ben-Ezra T., Belkin N., Tsemel A., Aharonovich D., Roth-Rosenberg D., Givati S., Bialik M., Herut B., Berman-Frank I., Frada M., Krom M.D., Lehahn Y., Rahav E., Sher D.
Published in: Deep-Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2022 |  Link
Description: The Eastern Mediterranean Sea (EMS) is a poorly studied ultra-oligotrophic marine environment, dominated by small-size p (more…)

Abundance or stress? Faunal exploitation patterns and subsistence strategies: The case study of Brush Hut 1 at Ohalo II, a submerged 23,000-year-old camp in the Sea of Galilee, Israel

By: Steiner T., Biton R., Nadel D., Rivals F., Rabinovich R.
Published in: PLoS ONE
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2022 |  Link
Description: The submerged site of Ohalo II was occupied during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM), between 23,500-22,500 cal BP, bridgin (more…)

Petrosia ficiformis (Poiret, 1789): an excellent model for holobiont and biotechnological studies

By: Cerrano C., Giovine M., Steindler L.
Published in: Current Opinion in Biotechnology
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2022 |  Link
Description: The aggregation of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells has resulted in evolution of organisms with remarkable abilities to (more…)

Influence of the Active Layer Thickness of Permafrost in Eastern Siberia on the River Discharge of Nutrients into the Arctic Ocean

By: Gabysheva O.I., Gabyshev V.A., Barinova S.
Published in: Water (Switzerland)
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2022 |  Link
Description: Large rivers are important links between continents and oceans for material flows that have a global impact on marine bi (more…)

Sedimentary response to current and nutrient regime rearrangement in the Eastern Mediterranean during the early to middle Miocene (Southwestern Cyprus)

By: Bialik O.M., Reolid J., Kulhanek D.K., Hincke C., Waldmann N.D., Betzler C.
Published in: Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2022 |  Link
Description: During the early and middle Miocene, the Mediterranean had become a restricted marginal marine sea with diminishing and (more…)

Geoacoustic estimation of the seafloor sound speed profile in deep passive margin setting using standard multichannel seismic data

By: Uzhansky E., Gadol O., Lang G., Katsnelson B., Copel S., Kazaz T., Makovsky Y.
Published in: Journal of Marine Science and Engineering
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units: Marine Sciences  | Time: 2021 |  Link
Description: Seafloor geoacoustic properties are important in determining sound propagation in the marine environment, which broadly (more…)

Faster Crystallization during Coral Skeleton Formation Correlates with Resilience to Ocean Acidification

By: Schmidt C.A., Stifler C.A., Luffey E.L., Fordyce B.I., Ahmed A., Barreiro Pujol G., Breit C.P., Davison S.S., Klaus C.N., Koehler I.J., Lecloux I.M., Matute Diaz C., Nguyen C.M., Quach V., Sengkhammee J.S., Walch E.J., Xiong M.M., Tambutté E., Tambutté S., Mass T., Gilbert P.U.P.A.
Published in: Journal of the American Chemical Society
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units:   | Time: 2022 |  Link
Description: The mature skeletons of hard corals, termed stony or scleractinian corals, are made of aragonite (CaCO3). During their f (more…)

הנמל כחולייה בשרשרת ההובלה

By: דוד רוזן
Published in: 209.7615
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units: Social Sciences  | Time: 2021/2022 Second Semester |  Link

מבוא לתחבורה וספנות

By: עמוס כהן
Published in: 201.2993
SDGs : SDG 14  |  Units: Social Sciences  | Time: 2021/2022 Second Semester |  Link
Description: שם הקורס בעברית: מבוא לתחבורה וספנותשם הקורס באנגלית: Introduction to transportation and shippingמס’ קורס: 2993סמסטר: ב (more…)